At Doc’s we know oysters and pride ourselves knowing all there is to know about shucking, tasting, & where our oysters come from. Below is our oysters and a little info about each one. All oysters are varied by store.

(East Coast)
Mild in taste, medium cup. This oysters is quite special, it has been modified through temperature change, which offers the user a high shelf life.

Beau Soleil (East Coast)
From New Brunswick, these babies are a small cup, heavy shell with clear and cold liquor in the deep cup. Salty meat with a sweet finish.

Beaver Tail (East Coast)
Beaver Tail Oysters will reflect its name by a range in size and shape characteristic of a beaver’s tail.

Cape May Salts (East Coast)
With a medium cup, these oysters are grown-out in the remote regions of the Delaware Bay giving them their prized “salty” taste.

Chef Creek (East Coast)
A sweet and succulent farm raised from Deep Bay off of Vancouver Island. Chef Creeks are a fast growing oyster for a Northern Pacific oyster.

Drunken Kiss (West Coast)
Drunken kiss from Marin Bay, California. Very similar to Hog Island oyster, neighboring waters.

Emerald Cove (West Coast)
Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada. Finally, an oyster that tastes as good as it sounds. The
Emerald Cove has a mild taste with a mellow finish and is available nearly year round.

Kumamotos (West Coast)
Native to Japan, the Kumamoto is definitely a small giant among oysters, but not because it’s large. Has a deep cupping and highly sculptured, fluted shell, this smooth, & fruity oyster.

Kusshi (West Coast)
From the Japanese translation for Ultimate, this small, deeply cupped Pacific oyster is grown to mimic the outstanding characteristics of the Kumamoto oyster.

Fanny Bay (West Coast)
The Fanny Bay Oyster is a Canadian classic with its bold melon flavor and soft delicate meat.

Naked Cowboy (East Coast)
This East Coast native is medium in size, high in salt and full of meat.

Pemaquid (East Coast)
The meat is extremely plump and salty, clean crisp. Available only in spring, summer and fall.

Potters Moon (East Coast)
Grown in Potters Pond, Matunuck RI. They are very plump with a briny flavor and a sweet finish.

Rappahannock River (East Coast)
They are a sweet, buttery full bodied taste with a refreshingly clean, crisp finish.

Raspberry Point (East Coast)
This medium size oyster is has a medium salty flavor and is very sweet.

Village Bay (East Coast)
Availability is year round. Packed in a wooden box. Farmed in a floating bag system. This procedure provides unequalled taste, texture, and plumpness.

Blue Point (East Coast)
The Blue Point oyster was named for Blue Point, Long Island in New York, where this exceptionally fine oyster was first discovered.

Delaware Bays (East Coast)
Harvested from the waters of the Delaware bay, these slightly salty oysters have a mild sweet flavor in a nicely rounded shell.

Mapleque (East Coast)
It’s nice to know that the cool temperatures in Canada are here to stay and the water temperatures are great too. Clean and crisp with a slight leaf lettuce finish.

Chincoteague Salt (East Coast)
Pearly shells with good strength. Medium cup, and very S-A-L-T-Y with a Briny finish.

Virginia Farmed (East Coast)
This boutique oyster is clean, deep cupped, about 3-3.5 inch with a firm meat, great brine & a clean finish.

Wianno (East Coast)
Wianno have a deeper shell than standard oysters and have a meaty texture and a sweet briny flavor.

Shooting Point (East Coast)
These oysters are centered in this coastal wilderness, brings unsurpassed brine and crisp finish.
Shells with honey hues cup oysters with truly remarkable depth of flavor.

Stingrays (East Coast)
Each oyster is carefully picked, groomed and exquisitely clean through desperation tanks.
They are sweet and mildly briny with a clean crisp finish.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay (East Coast)
Wild from the clean waters of Virginia. Clean, deep cupped with firm meat. Great brine and clean finish.

Little Bitches (East Coast)
They are hand culled weekly and then Floated seaside off the Virginia peninsula to infuse salt
taste before sale.

Glacier Point Oyster (West Coast)
These Pacific oysters are more briny than your typical Pacific’s, and incredibly clean-flavored,
with lots of cucumber and a crisp nori kind of snap to them.

Watch House Oyster (East Coast)
These have a salty up front taste and is followed by hints of cucumber and melon.

Watch Hill Oyster (East Coast)
Crisp, Fresh and Briny with a hint of sweetness. Watch Hills are a medium cup oyster,

Stellar Bay Oyster (East Coast)
Great Oyster for those who love Kusshi Oysters. Very Similar mild taste,and full of meat like the kusshi.

Rocky Shore (East Coast)
These oysters offer a pleasant salty/sweet flavor, bursting with liquor and a medium cup. Nicely rounded, these also provide a uniform shape