In 2012 we began our migration to more sustainable and responsible seafood options for our guests and for the environment.

In 2013 we gave made bigger steps and made broader partnerships with responsible and sustainable seafood purveyors, farmers and vendors.  The success of our Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar brand has taught us how to source and protect local, sustainable and organic products in a responsible and affordable way for our guests. Our loyal Doc’s customers can now o enjoy the freshest and healthiest seafood from near and far.

We have introduced permanent menu additions from superior and trusted sources such as our Skuna Bay Salmon -the official Salmon of the James Beard House, craft raised in glacier-fed waters of Vancouver Island’s Pacific Ocean.  We are also proud to partner with Viking Village Scallops, several Co-operatives that provide sustainably sourced shrimp, Lauren Bay Calamari and the freshest Oysters from small oyster farmers from across the country.  Our goal is to bring you the freshest seafood direct from the source, a trusted source that cares about the health of our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Thank you for trusting Doc’s to be your restaurant choice for the very best seafood and oysters from around the globe. We look forward to bring the freshest seafood to you everyday.